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Wedding Words From The Edge

Reception reveal: For the couple only to see their reception before guest arrive and see the beautiful details they planned for months. Special photo opportunity also.

Private dine:    For the new couple to have 15 minutes or so to have a plate of food after their ceremony together is great for many reasons. It is a time to enjoy a quiet break and refuel. Reflect with each other.  Before they are announced to their guests. 

Parents swap sides for ceremony:  Parents and grandparents often cannot see the faces of their son or daughter getting married if they sit on the traditional “same” side as daughter/son. So, switch sides and the parents can see those beautiful faces of their children as they say their vows. 

Assign a number to each wedding guests to avoid issues with RSVPs: For those who are sending a paper RSVP, there is always a few RSVP’s that you cannot read or that do not get returned. On your guest list assign each invitation/guest a number. On the back of the RSVP put that number. You will be able to reference this number for clarity and be able to reach out that last month to see if they will be coming or not. Saves time! Keeps you organized. 😊

Electronic RSVP’s – Many free wedding couples sites make it possible to attach this RSVP element. Saves on stamps and extra printing charges. Plus, auto tracking all done.  Check it out if you have not already. 😊

A recorded-message guest book: Ever thought how special it would be to have voice messages from your guests? Even those who could not make but wanted to leave their well wishes and memorable words. Here are 2 links that will give you information about their services for just this. 😊


Floral budget:  repurpose floral from your ceremony. This is not a new concept, but a great reminder of how to stretch that floral budget.  Spending a lot on floral for an area used for only 15-30 minutes can be expensive. Use lots of greenery. Have a few of your favorite flowers placed lightly throughout your greenery. Real potted plants that you can take home and have around your yard that will last the rest of the season is beautiful as well as lush hanging baskets if your venue does not mind. I sure don’t mind. WE are installing heavy metal brackets for this purpose. 😊 


Dessert tables: These can become a budget buster. Order a small cake to cut and have photos. Large sheets cakes can be cut and served for a fraction of the cost and loved by all. Cake has never gone out of style…. Just caterers have decided to charge per slice to cut and serve. Revisit this to see if this a cost will be charged or they may do for a more reasonable price versus individual deserts. Always worth comparing or leave this to your planner to research for you. 😊


Private last dance: While your guests prepare for your send off, you and your new spouse take the floor one last time just the 2 of you to share one last closing moment. Great photo opportunity. 

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