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Unique & "Outside The Box" Wedding Event Ideas

Ever want to do something unique for your wedding. We love “outside of the box” ideas. And those who are willing to let us create a unique event for them and incorporate their vision within that. 


  • Get married in the late morning. (Beautiful part of the day)

  • Serve Breakfast/Brunch  (who doesn’t like breakfast! And…economical)

  • Toast, a little special dancing, cut some cake or a donut. 😊

  • Mingle a bit. Then……..

  • Announce and pass out tickets for:

    • A suite at a ball game with lunch served.

    • Tickets for the zoo (we can prearrange to have box lunches to go with)

    • A hike and picnic 

    • WHAT! A horse race…. Why not. 

    • ALL…. with all of your best people!!! 

    • And what fun to hang out for the day in your dress!!!!

There are endless ideas we can create! Just for you. Money you would have spent doing what everyone else does. 

Creating is my passion…. Or my jam, you might say. I have 30+ years’ experience creating, planning, executing and all around event management. I was the exclusive for GSA government for about 4 years. I have done many weddings, schools’ functions, events for a few up to 2500+. I have coordinated from my home office traveled to Out of state destinations to execute my labors. I have had an out of state wedding featured in that regions bridal magazine. (That was pretty cool.)


I have coordinated with Secret service, US Marshals, and local government to assure all bases were covered. I have a grocery list of classes attended, certifications, accreditations, acronyms for this and that,  numerous networking affiliations and LOTS of experience  through the years. But none of that matters if I can’t prove my worth by creating and executing a great event that delivers what your vison is. 


That’s what I love doing over and over again. And….the majority of the time I hit the mark right on target or a bit above. 

I like to add uniqueness to each event. Sooooo, let’s team up and see what we can do! Together we will write the next amazing recipe! 

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